The 5 Essentials To A College Plan Free Course

All The Essentials You Need To Build A Successful College Plan Starts Here

If proper education and the right information could save you thousands of dollars on college cost and save your student a semester or more in the time it takes them to graduate when would you like to be informed??

It’s never too late or too early to plan for college. You can have a student entering high school or a student beginning their sophomore year in college and still benefit from  the understanding of essential college planning fundamentals. We have been helping families plan for college for decades with both the admissions and the financial aspects of college. 100% of the students we’ve helped have been accepted to a top choice college on their list and many have been blessed to receive very generous financial award packages. We have been fortunate to learn a lot from the families we have helped over the many years which allowed us to put together this FREE course that we feel addresses many of the top challenges families face when sending their children off to college. As a college bound family your focus should be on finding the RIGHT college for the RIGHT reasons and at the RIGHT price. Remember, what you don’t know can definitely cost you. Take advantage of the free education before time runs out and you miss a great opportunity.

Here Are Some Essentials That Are Covered

  1. The Winners Mindset
    • The number one thing parents and students must know and understand first and foremost to have a successful college journey for both the student’s experience and the parents budget. You will learn the mindset and thought process that earns acceptance and scholarships to multiple colleges.
  2. The Real Bottom Line
    • Did you know that all aid is not the same, all students are not treated the same, and every college has their own unique way of determining what you’ll pay. You will learn how to find your real bottom line at the schools of your students choice.
  3. Making College Affordable
    • Is the sticker price the true price? What are the available resources you have that will help you pay for college and how should you use them?
  4. Getting Accepted
    • What do colleges care about? Does the student choose the college or does the college choose the student? Proper planning helps keep the student in the driver’s seat while on their journey to their destination. Learn what some of the colleges your student might be considering are looking for in a student.
  5. The #1 Mistake to Avoid
    • If you had 2 routes to take for a major job interview and one led to a traffic jam that would make you late by 1 hour would you still take it? It is amazing how a single decision can cost you time, stress, and thousands of dollars. The good news for you is that it can be avoided with the right navigator.