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Teen Dreams and Nightmares: VOD Picks [Video]

During hormone-addled, perpetually sleep-deprived teen years, life events can be so downright confusing that they take years of therapy, or at least out loud remembrances, to rediscover and accept. Especially when adults condescend, govern, or simply refuse to explain themselves, consciously processing emotions can be a nigh-impossible task during teendom. But when filmmakers draw from these wells of teen angst, occasionally an audience is lucky enough to watch protagonists work through jumbles of emotion with an ideally cathartic outcome which everyone can join.

This week’s VOD picks do just that, mining some of the more confusing, questionable, and turbulent emotional rollercoasters of adolescence to produce a real release. Whether through documentary, short form fiction, or the revitalization of a classic teen feature, these projects barrel through the repression so often forced upon teens, and encourage audiences to sincerely experience the messiest of their emotions.

In “No Crying at the Dinner …

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