Saving for College

MAP for College, Success Strategy, 529 Plans and Saving for College [Video]

We discuss the importance of 529 Educational Savings Plans for families, and the long-range benefits that such savings plans may contribute toward one’s future educational goals.

Preparing for College

MAP for College, Success Strategy, Admissions Rates, Admissions Yield [Video]

We discuss admissions rates and yield rates, and the importance of understanding these statistics when considering your college application options.

Best Colleges on the West Coast

A Detailed Comparison between the UC System and the CSU System [Video]

In this video, I compare and contrast the University of California (UC) system to the California State University (CSU) system. This video will cover the differences between topics including locations, enrollment, admissions, cost, and rankings for both systems. Sources: UC admit data: admit data: freshman requirements: freshman requirements: cost of attendance: cost of attendance: rankings: rankings:​ Intro0:32 Locations1:45 Enrollment2:54​ Admissions3:46​ Cost5:44 Rankings6:51 Summary#uc #csu #comparison #university #college☞ About me: My name is Victor Lai, and I am pursuing an MBA at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management. My content on this channel is primarily about my life, school, and travel experiences. 💻 Contact: