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Round Rock ISD cheerleaders receive less P.E. credits for cheer [Video]

According to the district, it takes high school cheerleaders twice as long to meet TEA P.E. requirements compared to other sports.

ROUND ROCK, Texas — A Round Rock ISD high school cheerleader and her mom question the equality of high school cheerleaders in the district after finding out cheerleaders receive fewer credits for their class than other sports.

Cheerleading may have started as just a support system, but the sport has been elevated to so much more.

“We lift people in the air,” said sophomore Grace Stephens. “We throw people in the air. It’s a pretty crazy sport.”

Grace Stephens has been a Westwood High School cheerleader for two years, but now her mom, Tracy Linder, is questioning the district’s regard toward the sport.

“She came home one day, probably the same day, like, ‘Hey, we only get half the credit, isn’t that weird,'” said Linder.

Round Rock ISD confirmed all high school cheerleaders in the district only get half of a P.E. …

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High School News and Updates

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