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Queensland Health says 175 people need revaccination after officials discover ultra-low dosage error at Flagstone Community College [Video]

Queensland Health has contacted 175 people over concerns a small number of them could have received an “ultra-low” dose of the COVID-19 vaccine due to a “preparation error”.

The health department contacted those who received a Pfizer vaccination at the Flagstone Community College pop-up vaccination clinic on Saturday 23 October, to discuss “revaccination” measures following the incident.

Officials believe only six people may have received the low dosage, but say there’s “no ability to trace” exactly which recipients were affected.

The mistake is believed to have occurred during the vaccine preparation process where saline is added to the vaccine vial and withdrawn to make up to six doses.

An initial review indicated one vial was used twice, meaning the doses drawn on the second use were over-diluted.

The six people affected could have low immunity to COVID-19 if they don’t get a follow-up dose.

Queensland Health has contacted 175 people …

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