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Protecting Oregon’s wine industry from wildfire smoke [Video]

Oregon State University just received a grant to find ways to protect the country’s multi-billion dollar wine industry from wildfire smoke.

PORTLAND, Ore. — Researchers at Oregon State University are coming up with innovative ways to keep the smoke out of the grapes and therefore out of our wines.

Scientists agree— as our climate warms we will not only see more, but also bigger wildfires and the smoke from those fires will travel longer distances. That does not bode well for the country’s multi-billion dollar wine industry.

It is a concern for winegrowers around the nation, but especially in the west.

“Certainly things are changing with the climate crisis,” said Christine Clair, winery director at Willamette Valley Vineyards.

For years, the winery has been working on ways to protect its grapes from wildfire smoke.

“If there is smoke in the valley for a prolonged period of time during the growing season, it can impart compounds into the skins of the grapes which can contribute …

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