Preparing for College

MYTH-BUSTING: Getting Good Grades & Getting Into The College of Your Choice #Shorts [Video]

MYTH-BUSTING: Getting Good Grades & Getting Into The College of Your Choice #Shorts

I had heard over & over again that if you just get good grades you’ll be able to go to the college of your choice, and that is Simply not True!

I want to dispel this myth here so you can learn from my experience & not make the same mistakes I did.

There are far more “Straight-A” Students than there are spots at the top colleges.

Having good grades alone is not enough to get into most top schools; you need to be involved in extracurricular activities & have leadership experience, and it doesn’t hurt if your parents are alumni of that college…

Based on my grades & standardized test scores, my “numbers on paper,” I should have been able to get into any school I wanted.

In reality, however, I got rejected by the majority of schools I applied to, which was extremely disheartening & piled on to my mental health issues.

Moral of the Story: Stop Stressing So Much About Grades, Start Stressing More About Being A Better Person, a Person of Value.

Start Putting More Attention on Your Mental Health & Your Social Life if you’ve been neglecting those in order to get good grades.


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Preparing for College

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Preparing for College

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