How To Search For Colleges The Right Way

The college list is the most important  factor in college affordability. Parents  can do all the right things: plan  financially, implement strategies to  increase aid eligibility and correctly fill  out the financial aid forms. Students can  get good grades, join clubs, volunteer,  take test prep courses and write amazing  essays. As important as all these items  are, they are secondary to the single  most important factor in paying the  least amount of money possible and  still getting a great education for your  child: STARTING with the RIGHT list of  candidate schools!

The financial costs of starting with the wrong list can total tens of
thousands of dollars resulting from:

  • Taking longer to graduate which means higher out-of-pocket
  • college costs and maybe even more debt, for the student and
  • the parents
  • The high cost associated with transferring to another school
  • with respect to lost aid and credits
  • Changes of major which delay graduation and income earning
  • Attending a school that won’t provide enough, if any, financial
  • aid or scholarships to help offset cost
  • Needless college visits, wasting time and money on schools
  • that aren’t a good fit for your student or your finances