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Here’s how to make your home unique | Siouxland Homes [Video]

The biggest fear that many homeowners have when decorating their home is to get it wrong and/or to end up with an interior that looks like a stage set, a furniture store or worse yet, like the Joneses.

No matter how much you might like someone else’s interior design, everyone wants a look of their own. Usually your home is your largest investment and source of pride. The bottom line is that most people want their homes to reflect their own point of view. Your home should and does reveal who you are.

Any space can become cozy and inviting when you create intimate seating arrangements. Depending on the size of your room, you can create more than one arrangement. It can be any combination of sofas, chairs, stools and benches, ideally anchored with a table, ottoman or side table. Adding a daybed in an unexpected room can help give …

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