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GOP Sen. Rick Scott: “It Makes You Mad What’s Going On In This Country” | Video [Video]

Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., discusses Biden’s economic agenda, 2022 midterm elections and surging inflation in the U.S. with Chris Wallace on “FOX News Sunday.”

SEN. RICK SCOTT: First, if the secretary of transportation wanted to solve the — the port issue, you’d fly out to the port, you’d sit down with everybody and find out what the problem is and then you go solve it. Typically, the problem is caused by some government regulation or some government red tape.

When I had hurricanes in Florida, I had to make sure we didn’t run out of fuel, so I was constantly on the phone with everybody involved in delivering fuel. And even though we were selling sometimes nine-times our normal average of fuel, we didn’t run out because we kept solving their problem.

If you look at what — what they’re talking about with this — name whatever the bill is …

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