Preparing for College

College admissions season: What to expect [Video]

College admissions season: What to expect

Early decision deadlines are coming up in November and now is the ideal time for prospective college students to get familiar with the processes in place. Cindy Chanin, the director and founder of Rainbow EDU Consulting & Tutoring, has some tips on what high school students should be focused on when it comes to getting into college.

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Preparing for College

Why It's Been a Record Year for Medical School Admissions (&What It Means for You) [Video]

Source: Medical school applicants and enrollments hit record highs; underrepresented minorities lead the surge Link: PDF:"The 2021 first-year class is larger and more diverse than any before. Did the pandemic, social justice, or remote interviews boost motivation among aspiring doctors?Applicants to medical school soared by a record-setting 17.8% for the 2021-22 school year, led by historical increases among underrepresented minorities, according to new data from the AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges).The number of accepted students and new enrollments into medical school also reached new highs, making the first-year class of 2021 larger and more diverse than any before it. Among the 22,000-plus students who began medical school this fall, those self-identified as Black or African American rose by 21.0% from 2020-21, followed by increases of 8.3% among Asian students and 7.1% among those of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin, the AAMC found." "Instead, admissions leaders believe an unprecedented mix of developments compelled many medical school aspirants to leap from “someday” to “now”: pandemic-related shutdowns that cut off other opportunities and accelerated medical career plans; increased awareness of how doctors can help to alleviate social injustices; and changes that reduced fees for some students and eliminated travel costs associated with applying."LinkedIn (publications, professional stuff I'm up to!): Twitter (my random thoughts and love of econ/medicine memes): IG (literally me being extra af): Snapchat (literally me being extra af): @prerakcity Tiktok: My Board Game: My Podcast: me on clubhouse (@prerakcity) and Instagram DM me (or twitter) if you'd like an invite! Check out my skillshare course: How to Get Great at Just About Anything (Including Time Management/Personal Statements): you can sign up for the free trial and discontinue after for free!) Here are some of my more popular videos: Anki: All You Will Ever Need PLAYLIST: to Make Anki Cards from Med School Lectures (Part 1): HUGE Limitations of ANKI (...And How to Get Around Them!): to EFFECTIVELY CRAM Using Anki (College Classes + Med School): SIMPLE Ways to UP Your Anki Game! (EVERYTHING You Need; Strategies for ALL Subjects):

Preparing for College

College Dorm Life.. But it's Midnight (Vlog) [Video]

Michael Turk OU Punter - College Vlog at Night Subscribe! - Follow me on Instagram! - this channel to get access to perks: for watching Check out some of my other videos down below:D1 Football Day in the Life: Vlogs: to Punt: also do livestreams where I catch up with Subscribers, get into the Word of God, and talk about other stuff.

Preparing for College

Fred VanVleet talks new leadership role on Raptors, what he learned from Kyle Lowry and more on 'All The Smoke' | Canada [Video]

Fred VanVleet's unorthodox journey to the NBA is a story that never gets old. The star guard re-hashed his path from undrafted, to an NBA champion, to a big contract on the "All The Smoke" podcast with Matt Barnes and Steven Jackson.