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ASML Bingo Show 2021 | Having fun with our employees [Video]

ASML Bingo Show 2021 | Having fun with our employees

Bingo! Across the globe, our employees and their family recently joined the ASML Bingo Show for music, fun and – of course – an exciting game of Bingo. #lifeatasml

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Wentworth Mausoleum | Spectroom [Video]

Wentworth Mausoleum is an heritage-listed mausoleum located at Chapel Road, Vaucluse in the Municipality of Woollahra local government area of New South Wales, Australia. It was built from 1872 to 1874 by Mansfield Brothers, architects. It is also known as Wentworth Mausoleum and site. The property is owned by Anglican Church Property Trust and is managed by Sydney Living Museums as part of Vaucluse House. It was added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 2 April 1999.