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Aboriginal knowledge for the science curriculum [Video]

Aboriginal Knowledge

‘Aboriginal Knowledge’ has become an accepted term for the beliefs and understandings that Aboriginal people acquired through long-term observation and association with a place. It is knowledge based on the social, physical and spiritual understandings which informed the people’s survival.

Synonyms include Indigenous Knowledge, Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), Indigenous People’s Knowledge (IPK), or ‘folk knowledge’.

Aboriginal science

If we understand ‘science’ to mean a systematic approach to acquiring knowledge, then ‘Aboriginal science’ is the science that Aboriginal people developed through empirical knowledge of their natural environment. After all, they used scientific methods of data collection, such as observation and experimentation, for thousands of years.

As is the case with Western science, Aboriginal science is the practical application of theories of knowledge about the nature of the world. While Western science passes on its insights with papers, Aboriginal culture used oral traditions such as stories, dance and ceremonies for the same purpose.

Aboriginal science was critical for Aboriginal people to solve the challenges …

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High School News and Updates

Katelyn Tuohy | Spectroom [Video]

Katelyn Tuohy is an American long distance runner from Rockland County, New York. Encouraged by her parents, Patrick and Denise, she won the 2017 Nike National cross country championship as a sophomore, to cap an undefeated season. With a time of 16:44.7, she won by 40 seconds, trimming 12 seconds off the course record. The Rockland County legislature honored her victory, declaring December 19, 2017, as "Katelyn Tuohy Day." Tuohy competes for the North Rockland High School Red Raiders.