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A Human Affair: James Baldwins Philosophy of Optimism and Active Love SwatTalk :: Alumni Resources & Events :: Swarthmore College [Video]

with Paul Cato ’14, doctoral candidate at the University of Chicago

Recorded on Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2021


Dina Zingaro ’13 Okay. We will get started. So, welcome again, everyone. My name is Dina Zingaro. I am the class of 2013. As many of you know, SwatTalks is a speaker series brought to you by the Swarthmore Alumni Council. I’m a member of the Swarthmore Alumni Council, and I also help to run SwatTalks. So, again, thank you all for coming tonight. So, tonight’s session will be recorded so you will be able to find it on the SwatTalks recording webpage on the Swarthmore College site within two or three weeks. If you’re interested in watching previous talks, you can also find those on our SwatTalks page, including our first SwatTalk from September with NASA scientist John Mather from the class of 1968. So, tonight, I am thrilled to be joined by Paul Cato, a graduate of the class of …

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